Mobile Repairing Course

Course Duration: 2 Months ( 3 Hrs. Per Day )  |  Fast Track Batch: 30 Days ( 5 Hrs. Per Day )

Details of Mobile Repairing and Training Course

Mobile Phone Basic Electronic and Hardware

  • Mobile Phone introduction
  • What is GSM and CDMA and it’s difference?
  • What is Electronics?
  • About Charging, Voltage and Current Types
  • Identification of Electronics Components and testing
  • How to repair of Mobile Hardware?
  • Mobile Section and its Circuit Diagram
  • Troubleshooting of GSM, CDMA and Chinese cell phone

Chip Level Training of Smart Phone and Basic Mobile

  • About Frequency & Channels
  • Learn about GPRS, Bluetooth and Infrared
  • About Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI
  • How to do Mobile Phone Assemble & Disassemble?
  • Basic Electronic Components
  • How to do Chip Level Soldering and De-soldering?
  • Introduction of Smart Phone
  • Operating System of I-Phone, Blackberry, Samsung Android Phone
  • Smart Phones Features
  • Identification of I-Phones components
  • Fault & Finding
  • Difference Between I-Phone 3G & 3GS and I-Phone 4 & 4S

Mobile Phone Software

  • Learn about Parts of Computer and Operating System
  • How to do Driver Installation?
  • How to do Mobile software Repairing with coding?
  • Solve All Type of Mobile Software Problem
  • Learn about advanced File Flashing, Dead Mobile, Restart problem, On/Off, Hang out etc.
  • Unlocking and Human Lock, Country wise Sim Lock
  • How to solve Online IMEI error?
  • Break locking of Blackberry Mobile & Android phone
  • How to install Application Software?
  • Chinese Mobile Flashing, Formatting, File Backup and User Unlocking
  • Phone Upgrading ,Jail Break, Country Unlock .
  • Android Phone root, Pattern lock, Flashing.
  • Blackberry Lock, Flashing Map Problem.
  • Samsung Flashing ,Hard Reset.
  • Smart Phone Internet Connectivity.
  • I-Phone, Android Apps Installation.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity in Blackberry
  • Software installation and registration.
  • Online Software Repairing.
  • I-Phone Factory Unlocking Overview.

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