Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course

Course Duration: 3 Months ( 3 Hrs. Per Day )  |  Fast Track Batch: 45 Days ( 5 Hrs. Per Day )

Laptop and Desktop Chip Level Training

Module 1: Desktop-Laptop Card Level Repairing
  • Introduction of card level and chip level repairing ?
  • What is operating system and how to install and format it in laptop and desktop.
  • How to install and format Win 7, Win 8, 2000 and Linux operating system.
  • How to install application software, system software and drivers ?
  • Assembling and De-Assembling of Laptop and Desktop.
  • Data Recovery Concept and How to make bootable pen drive.

Module 2: Desktop and Laptop Chip Level Repairing
  • What is current, DC and AC
  • About DC ampere & AC ampere
  • How to use digital and analog Multimeter
  • Use of Dignostic Card
Basic Electronic (Motherboard Component)
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Diode, Transformer
  • Transistor, Coil, Crystal, Mosfet, function of IC
  • Use of all above components on motherboard
Soldering and Desoldering
  • How to remove motherboard components and connectors from board
  • How to fix components, slots and connectors on board
Tracing Problems of Laptop and Desktop ( With & without Power Supply)
  • Learn about all section of laptops and desktops ( Section details in prospectus )
Fault Finding and it's solution of laptop and Desktop
  • How to find fault of motherboard.
  • Repairing of al faults
Use of Repairing Tools and Machine
  • Use of BGA Machine
  • Use of CRO and DC Machine
  • Use of BIOS Programmer

Module 3: Service Center Training
  • Take training of service center management.
  • Repair laptop and desktop of customers.
  • How to Connect with customers.
  • Get Certificate after service center training.

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