About our Training Institute

A bright future in Computer hardware engineering by taking training of desktop and laptop card level training also. A Computer Hardware engineer always thinks how to trace problem of mother board components. For this type of problem we have launched a course, Laptop Chip Level Repairing. So many employees want their better carrier in desktop-laptop hardware field. We at Microchip Expert Solution provide training for chip level laptop repairing. We are the best laptop repairing institute in Delhi.

Motherboard which is used in laptop and desktop, is the main part of these devices. Every device like hard disk, smps, Cd drive and DVD writer, Ram etc. are connected in this motherboard through power jack. But when any chip, ic, transistor etc. are corrupted by any reason on that motherboard, In that case we have to do chip level repairing on that board. So you can learn our courses and become an engineers of laptop and desktop.